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Welcome to pyModisΒΆ

pyModis is a Free and Open Source Python based library to work with MODIS data. It offers bulk-download for user selected time ranges, mosaicking of MODIS tiles, and the reprojection from Sinusoidal to other projections, convert HDF format to other formats and the extraction of data quality information.

pyModis library was developed to replace old bash scripts developed by Markus Neteler to download MODIS data from NASA FTP server. It is very useful for GIS and Remote Sensing Platform of Fondazione Edmund Mach to update its large collection of MODIS data.

It has several features:

  • it is very useful for downloading large numbers of MODIS HDF/XML files and for using this in a cron job for automated continuous updating; it support FTP and HTTP NASA repository
  • it can parse the XML file to obtain information about the HDF files
  • it can convert a HDF MODIS file to GEOTIF file using MODIS Reprojection Tool and also GDAL (from version 1.0)
  • it can create a mosaic of several tiles using MODIS Reprojection Tool and also GDAL (from version 1.0)
  • it can create the xml metadata file with the information of all tiles used in mosaic
  • it can extract specific information from bit-encoded MODIS quality assesment layers of different product types
  • Graphical User Interface for each script written in wxPython (from version 1.0)


We acknowledge the Fondazione Edmund Mach for promoting the development of free and open source software.